How I Saved This Week

Snow storms caused us to have some time off from school, and I was able to spend some extra time earning Swagbucks. I earned 230 Swagbucks this week.

Starting February 1, I've been giving my husband a small gift or note to let him know how much I appreciate him. This week, I wrote about the first 7 days here.

All orange clearance stickers are 50% off at Dollar General this weekend. The big 28 oz. bottles of conditioner were $2.25 after the 50% off and I used a $3.00 off 2 coupon and paid just $.75 each! I bought the paddle balls and the glow jewelry kits for Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes. They were $.37 each.

I gave one son a hair cut.

We were given a bag of apples.

I took a quick survey for Christian Book Insiders and was given two free ebook downloads.

How did you save this week?


Jenn in Indiana said...

Great job finding the Dollar General deals. I heard about that sale from "The Fundamental Home" on you tube. I can't believe the deals she got! But at mine I had no luck. There wasn't much to even choose from or items that I use. That is a steal on the Suave! That is my daughter's favorite brand. Have a great week!

Vanessa said...

There wasn't a lot at my DG, but I was very happy to get some things for Operation Christmas Child. I watched the video that you mentioned and was shocked that she had 10 stores in her area! Wow! I didn't check the laundry soap/cleaning section at my store. Next time I will be sure to check there too.

Jenn in Indiana said...

I know going to that many Dollar Generals seems excessive. If I was going to be in the next town over I might stop in but I'm not sure how far she had to drive to go to all of those. I did look through our cleaning/laundry section and there was nothing. Amanda from TFH said that they have these sales twice per year. I think I will start trying to pay closer attention for the next one. I like watching TFH for her weekly $30 grocery hauls. That is her budget amount for five people! She shops at a salvage store and am amazed at the deals she finds!

Vanessa said...

Wow, $30 a week for groceries is amazing. I think a grocery budget depends largely on what area of the country a person lives in. I've noticed that milk and other dairy products and produce seem to be a lot cheaper in the Midwest than here in the Northeast. What kind of foods a family eats also makes a difference. I noticed a lot of foods in her DG video that our family wouldn't be able to eat. I will see if I can find some of those weekly grocery shopping videos, though. It's fun to see the deals that other people get.