Our Frugal Christmas 2016

In 2013 I wrote about giving the boys each four gifts for Christmas. This year we gave the boys three gifts: something they wanted, something to read, and something to wear.

It seems that the older the boys get, the more expensive the Christmas wish lists get. One way that we were able to keep Christmas within our budget this year is by buying them gifts that they could share.

For the past two years a WiiU has been at the top of their list, and while that gift isn't within our budget, we were able to buy them a trampoline during a Black Friday sale. It is something that they both love to do, and something they can do together.

Both of the boys have enjoyed reading graphic novels this year, so for something to read we gave them The Action Bible. We bought this gift on Amazon with a gift card that we were given last Christmas! Since we very rarely buy from Amazon, we saved the gift card for Christmas this year. I was also able to buy two other books with the gift card and get free shipping.

We gave both of the boys a Star Wars shirt and hat set for something to wear.

Here are two of my favorite gifts we gave this year:

We decided to give cash to a family member this year and I wanted to find a creative way to give it. I found a picture of a shirt made out of money on Pinterest and tried to copy it. This was one shirt that was very much appreciated!

The boys loved the Christmas Coupon Books that we put in their Christmas stockings. I downloaded a free .pdf from hejdoll.com and opened it into a photo editor to create the coupons. Some of the coupons I added were: extra 30 minutes before bed, 30 minutes extra screen time, dinner of your choice, choose one box of cereal, making ice cream sundaes, family game night, etc.

I love simply wrapped gifts:

This year I wrapped all the gifts that we gave in kraft wrapping paper that I bought after Christmas last year for $.30 per roll. I used free printable gift tags, yarn that I had on hand and ornaments that I made to decorate the gifts. I really enjoyed making the ornaments which I think may become a new Christmas tradition!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and your family.