How I Saved Last Week

We picked tomatoes, cherry tomatoes and carrots from the garden. I made Roasted Tomato Sauce with some of the tomatoes that we picked.

Work and the start of soccer season kept me very busy last week. Soccer practices are during our dinner time so I'm going to try some new slow cooker recipes over the next several weeks to make meal preparation quicker and easier.  Last week we tried Crockpot Zucchini Chicken Parmesan. I used left over chicken from another meal to make chicken corn chowder and I made biscuits. Even though we were very busy week, we were able to eat dinner at home 6 nights last week.

I made Oatmeal Molasses Bread to give as a thank you gift.

Rite Aid had some great deals on cereal last week. After coupons, I paid just $1.24 and $1.49 for cereal.

I also used a coupon from the Rite Aid flyer to get a reusable shopping bag for free.

If you've been reading my blog for a while, you probably know that I'm always looking for clearance items that I can add to the Operation Christmas Child shoe boxes. Rite Aid had school supplies on clearance right by the entrance! I found pads of paper for $.25 and pencil sharpeners for $.24. I was so excited to find the pencil sharpeners since I like to send one in every box with pencils.

At Walmart I found 12 packs of pencils and colored pencils for $.50 that I will also include in the OCC shoe boxes.

We received a reimbursement from our HRA. We put the money in our savings account to replace some of the money that we used to pay for several vehicle repairs we have had in the last month.

The Primary School that our younger son attends has a free produce distribution once a month. Our son was given a watermelon and tomatoes to bring home.

How did you save last week?

How I Saved This Week - September 10

This week was a very busy week for us and most of our savings this week were from the little everyday things that we do to save money.

I worked four days this week as a substitute teacher and was offered a long term substitute position at one of the schools in our district. I'm not sure how long I will have this job - it could be 2 weeks or 2 months - but we have a plan for the extra income so that we are "telling our money where to go" as Dave Ramsey puts it. In our experience, money seems to disappear pretty quickly if we don't have a plan ahead of time.

My husband and I brought a lunch to work everyday.

There were a lot of new coupons on for the new month. Here are two good prices that I got at Walmart with coupons:

Kraft String Cheese 3 pack $1.00
-$1.00 off 1 any Kraft String Cheese
Final Price: FREE

Yoplait Yogurt 8 pack $3.98
-$1.00 off 1 Yoplait 8-pack
Final Price: $2.98 or $.34 each

I also found sticker packs with over 100 stickers on sale for $.20, packs of buttons on sale for $.50 each and pencil pouches for $.25 at Walmart that I will include in the Operation Christmas Child shoe boxes that we are packing this year.

As the days get shorter and the nights get cooler, the garden is producing less and less each week. We picked 16 tomatoes, 6 cucumbers, 3 zucchini, lots of carrots and cherry tomatoes and our first banana pepper this week. I'm disappointed that we won't have enough peppers this year to make pickled banana peppers. I'll have to try again next year!

How did you save this week?

How I Saved Last Week

The boys started 2nd and 5th grade last week! The summer has flown by and we are starting to see signs of fall.

At the end of every school year, I save all the markers that are still in very good condition. The boys didn't use them at all this summer, so instead of buying a new set of markers for our younger son this year, he took a whole set of used markers that were like new. (I also save the old crayons to make crayons for Operation Christmas Child.)

I signed up as a substitute teacher in our local school district again this year and I was surprised to get a call on the second day of school! We are very thankful for the extra income that this job provides for about 9 months of the year.

I paid just $6 for a new backpack at Rite Aid.

Dollar General had an extra 50% off sale this weekend and I found great deals for Operation Christmas Child shoe boxes! Jump ropes, jewelry kits and stickers were $.30 each, baseballs were $.75, water bottles were $.37 and the paddle ball games were $.75 on clearance. I also found the BIC pens on clearance for $.50 each and I used a $1.00 off 2 BIC coupon to get them for free!

Our older son used's free Design and Print Online software to make thank you cards to send to family who sent birthday gifts in the mail.

I was so excited when my husband discovered the blackberry bushes in our backyard a few weeks ago! I picked more blackberries from the backyard this week and I'm clearing a sunny spot to transplant them to this fall. If they transplant well, we will purchase posts and wire in the spring to give the canes support and keep them off the ground. 

We picked 16 tomatoes, 11 cucumbers, 3 zucchini, beets, carrots and many cherry tomatoes. The growing season is winding down and soon it will be time to clean out the garden.

I made salsa with some of the tomatoes from our garden.

How did you save this week?

Rite Aid Deals and a $6 Backpack!

On the eve of the first day of school as I was checking to make sure backpacks were packed and ready for the big day, I realized that the small holes at the bottom of one of the backpacks meant that it was not going to last much longer.

The next day, since I was driving by Rite Aid, I stopped in to get a few deals. I went to check out the clearance section, and I found backpacks with signs for 50% off! The sale price was $9.99 and I used $4 in Plenti Points and paid just $5.99 for the backpack. The backpack seems to be well-made and I'm hoping it will last the whole year (or two!).

Here are the other deals I picked up while I was there:

Oxi Clean HD Laundry Detergent $3.99
-$3.00 off 1 coupon from the 8/28 newspaper insert
Final Price: $.99

(This is just a small bottle of laundry detergent, but it is a lot more concentrated than the brand that I usually buy. I use just a small amount and a bottle lasts several months.)

Crest Toothpaste $3.50
-$2.50 in-ad coupon
-$1.00 coupon from 8/28 newspaper insert
Final Price: Free

These sale prices are available through Saturday, September 3.