How I Saved This Week - August 20

We got a lot accomplished this week. The boys decluttered their toys and I now have a grocery bag full of toys to donate. I recycled many old magazines, that I can't remember why I was saving, and I organized the coat closet and threw away several pairs of old children's flip flops that I was saving "just in case" we needed an extra pair.

We picked 5 zucchini, 21 tomatoes, 29 cucumbers, a couple of pounds of green beans, beets and a lots of cherry tomatoes from the garden. The beets were an experiment this year and something I planted a little late in order to use up some free space in the garden. They were pretty small, but our whole family liked them and I am planning on growing more next year.

After a late start and something eating their leaves, the banana peppers finally have blossoms on them. I'm hoping that we have enough time left in the growing season for the peppers to grow to full size so that I can make pickled banana peppers. I made them for the first time last year and my husband especially liked them in sandwiches.

I made 2 batches of zucchini bread (I used 3 eggs, less sugar and 1/2 cup of applesauce to replace some of the oil and it still tasted great!), Refrigerator Pickles, and Roasted Tomato Sauce. The tomato sauce recipe is my favorite tomato recipe; it has a delicious smoky flavor and tastes great even though I don't add salt (for our heart-healthy diet).

I earned $10 this week by selling a pair of cleats on facebook.

I found a brand new backpack with the tags still on it at the second-hand store for half the original price and paid just $4.50 for it. It will be perfect for our younger son who needed a bigger backpack this year.

Our older son is turning 10 this month and he wanted to invite a few of his friends to his party. He used Avery's free Design and Print Online program and designed his own invitations. I thought that the options and images were pretty good for a free program and he really liked making his own cards.

I spent just a little over $55 for groceries this week. I bought chicken on sale for $1.69/lb. and used a coupon and paid just $.99/lb. for 3 pounds of chicken. I have used it in 3 of our meals.

I received a free magazine in the mail.

How did you save this week?