How I Saved Last Week

My husband was on vacation last week and we were able to spend the last days of school vacation at some of our favorite places. One of our favorite places is the beach - the boys love playing in the waves.

Several years ago we were given some blackberries and I threw some of the seeds in the wooded area in our backyard. It is a shady spot and I didn't really think they would grow, so I was very excited when my husband said he found blackberries in the backyard! The blackberries are very small, but I'm hoping that I can transplant them to a sunnier spot and we will eventually have lots of blackberries right in our own backyard!

We picked 28 tomatoes, 21 cucumbers, 5 zucchini, a handful of green beans and bunches of cherry tomatoes from the garden.

I froze some very ripe bananas.

Our older son wanted a chocolate and strawberry cake for his birthday, so I borrowed a checkerboard cake pan from a family member and made a chocolate and strawberry checkerboard cake. He loved it!

How did you save this week?