How I Saved This Week - July 30

We picked tomatoes, zucchini, a cucumber and 5 pounds of green beans from the garden this week.

I made zucchini relish with some of the zucchini. I used Kosher salt that I had on hand instead of the pickling salt that the recipe calls for and it worked just fine.

Our younger son had a great time at the summer reading program at the library. This week they held the closing program and each child received a free book with a character from the book and school supplies.

I noticed the back-to-school sale at Walmart and bought boxes of crayons for $.25 each for Operation Christmas Child shoe boxes.

I used a $1 off BIC coupon at Walmart and paid just $.46 for a package of 12 pencils.

Thanks to the generosity of friends, we were able to rake blueberries for just $.50/lb. this week. We raked 20 pounds. Some of the blueberries will be used for pie and freezer jam and the rest will be frozen and used throughout the fall and winter.

I bought bread at the bread store for $.99 per loaf.

How did you save this week?


Jenn in Indiana said...

Wow, 5 pounds of beans is great! My beans this year are doing terrible. I think it has to do with the drought we are having and temps above 100. Okay, so what is "raking blueberries". I have picked blueberries at a farm but never heard that term. Must me a Maine thing! And that is a great price. On Tuesday the 2nd my kids will be starting school so hopefully I can have a motivated week. I am all signed up for subbing again this year so we will see what that brings. Have a great week!

Vanessa said...

Hi, Jenn. Sorry to hear that your beans aren't doing well this year. It is pretty dry here too, so we have had to do extra watering, especially the tomatoes. Last year I planted bush beans and pole beans and I thought the bush beans did so much better, so this year I planted just bush beans in 2 wide rows about 15 feet long. By planting them close together in wide rows, I am able to have many plants in a small space and get a pretty good harvest.

There is a good article about Maine blueberries and a picture of a blueberry rake here if you are interested: Wild blueberries are much smaller than the high bush berries and low to the ground, so it is easier to use a blueberry rake if a person wants to pick a lot of berries. Many years ago blueberry field owners would hire people to use these rakes to harvest the fields so that they could sell the berries to companies. Some blueberry field owners still hire people today, but I think for the most part, machines are used now. I actually worked in a blueberry field one summer when I was a teenager, so I have a lot of experience. :)

I will also be subbing again this year. First day of school is August 31 here. I hope your school year goes well!