How I Saved This Week - July 2

It has been a busy week of gardening, organizing and more gardening. The weeds have been threatening to take over the garden and I can never seem to catch up!

I was surprised when quite a few of the cucumbers that I planted didn't come up, but I found them growing in the middle of the rows and transplanted them back into the row this week.

Peaches were on sale again for $.99/lb. last week and I was able to make 2 pints of peach freezer jam early in the week.

I made a birthday card with cardstock and punches that I had on hand.

I used a coupon code to download a crochet pattern for free.

An order I made online hadn't shipped after 4 days so I called to check on it. They apologized and refunded the shipping cost!

While I was mixing up a recipe this week, I realized that I didn't have enough eggs. I made an egg substitute with ground flax seed that I had on hand.

I paid extra on this month's mortgage payment. We're on track to pay one extra mortgage payment this year, but I'm hoping to be able to pay off more when I start substitute teaching again this fall.

How did you save this week?