How I save on one of my (not-so-frugal) favorite products

I've written a lot about how I live frugally, but you might be surprised to learn that a few of my favorite products are actually not very frugal.

These Olay cleansing cloths are one of my favorite things. I discovered them about 12 years ago, before my frugal living days, and it is one of the things that I haven't been able to give up. Good 'ole soap and water would probably work just as well, but I love how clean my skin feels after using this product.

The original cost for the cloths are very pricey for my frugal lifestyle. One package contains enough for a little over 2 months and costs $11.97. That's about $71.82 per year!

Six years ago I wrote this post, and realized that with this simple savings trick I could use them much more frugally.

By cutting the cloths into fourths, I can make one package stretch for over 8 months. To make them last for up to a year, I will often skip using them for a day or more when I feel like I can get by without using them.

So what are my savings?

Original cost for one year

$11.97 x 6 = $71.82 per year

Frugal cost for one year

$11.97 x 1 = $11.97 per year

That's a savings of $59.85 per year or 83%!