How I Saved This Week - May 28

This week I put away the boys' winter clothes and organized their summer clothes in their dressers. After organizing their clothing, I realized that our older son will need a few more things for summer and I have been looking in a local used clothing store for a good deal. It has been really hard to find used clothing in his size!

I was able to find a pair of dress pants at the used clothing store that our older son needed for a wedding that we will be attending next weekend. I paid just $3.99. Our younger son had dress pants, but needs a dress shirt and I am hoping to find a great deal before next Saturday!

We set up our homemade rain barrel a few weeks ago and I've been using the rain water to water the carrots that I planted last week. I didn't get a chance to plant in the garden this week like I had planned, but we are hoping to get a lot done on Monday.

A teacher that I substituted for this week told me that I could either throw away or keep the extra fresh produce snack that the students were given that day. The fresh snack that day was mango, which none of the students liked, so I brought home the sixteen small containers of mango and put them in the freezer to use in smoothies.

This week I used online bill pay to pay some of our bills and paid extra on our June mortgage bill.

How was your week?


Jenn in Indiana said...

I always had a hard time finding nice, used clothing for my son. I think it's because boys tend to be so much harder on clothing than girls. Not sure if you have a Kohl's in Maine but they are a good place to find new, decently priced boys clothing. When will your school be out for the summer? Our last day was the 26th. We go back on August 2nd so summer will just fly by. I only have my garden 3/4 planted but am hoping to finish today. It has been almost 90 here everyday so I need to get motivated! Have a great week!

Vanessa said...

Hi, Jenn. We do have Kohl's and I love shopping there, but it's about a 45 minute drive so I'm not able to shop there very often. I try to plan my trips for end-of-season clearance times when I can find amazing deals.

We won't be out of school until June 15 and we will start school on August 31. I'm not sure who is more ready for summer break--me or the boys! Enjoy your week!