Meal Plan Monday - May 30

Happy Memorial Day! We have a busy week ahead, so I planned simple and easy meals for this week:

Baked Ravioli

Chicken Stir Fry with Noodles, Yogurt Biscuits

Tuna Melts, carrot sticks

Skillet Chicken Lasagna, salad

Black Bean and Sweet Potato Quesadillas

Pizza with whole wheat crust and homemade sauce

Enhanced Macaroni Salad, Leftover Yogurt Biscuits

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Have a great week!

How I Saved This Week - May 28

This week I put away the boys' winter clothes and organized their summer clothes in their dressers. After organizing their clothing, I realized that our older son will need a few more things for summer and I have been looking in a local used clothing store for a good deal. It has been really hard to find used clothing in his size!

I was able to find a pair of dress pants at the used clothing store that our older son needed for a wedding that we will be attending next weekend. I paid just $3.99. Our younger son had dress pants, but needs a dress shirt and I am hoping to find a great deal before next Saturday!

We set up our homemade rain barrel a few weeks ago and I've been using the rain water to water the carrots that I planted last week. I didn't get a chance to plant in the garden this week like I had planned, but we are hoping to get a lot done on Monday.

A teacher that I substituted for this week told me that I could either throw away or keep the extra fresh produce snack that the students were given that day. The fresh snack that day was mango, which none of the students liked, so I brought home the sixteen small containers of mango and put them in the freezer to use in smoothies.

This week I used online bill pay to pay some of our bills and paid extra on our June mortgage bill.

How was your week?

Meal Plan Monday - May 23

Our menu for this week:

Honey Soy Chicken, Yogurt Biscuits, corn

Corn Chowder, Leftover Yogurt Biscuits

Tuna Casserole

Baked Ravioli, salad

Ground Turkey Sweet Potato Skillet

Hawaiian BBQ Chicken Wraps, carrot sticks

Pizza with whole wheat crust and homemade sauce

How I Saved This Week - May 21

I can't believe that we are nearing the end of May and June is right around the corner! Here are some of the ways I have saved in the last two weeks:

I ran out of conditioner and hairspray and instead of making an extra trip to the store, I used samples that I had gotten in the mail.

Suave Professional Gold hair care products were on rollback at Walmart this week. I used a coupon and bought conditioner for just $1 each.

Thanks to a tip from a family member, I was able to purchase boneless, skinless chicken thighs for just $.79 last week during a one day special sale.

There was a free magazine in the mail this week.

I have been able to start some gardening this week. I planted carrots in the garden and strawberries in a pallet garden. I planted rhubarb and I also have cantaloupe and banana pepper seedlings that I started inside that are doing very well. My husband bought tomato seedlings to plant in the buckets that we have been using to grow tomatoes for several years.

How did you save this week?

How I Saved This Week - May 7

The new flooring was installed this week and we love it! This is a project that I have wanted to do since we bought our home over 10 years ago, but each year other projects and needs became more of a priority. Since we are committed to staying out of debt (besides our mortgage), we waited until we were able to pay cash for this project. Even though it was a long wait, we are able to enjoy our home without any new debt and worry about how to pay for it.

I bought two pair of jeans for my older son from the local Facebook sell and swap page. I paid $5 each for jeans that look just like new. I paid for them with the money that I earned a few weeks ago by selling toys on Facebook.

One day while I was in town with my younger son, I stopped at the ice cream stand and bought him an ice cream cone. I had enough punches on my rewards card to get a free ice cream cone for myself. 

We borrowed the movie '33' from the library and my husband and I enjoyed watching it together.

I downloaded free ebooks to my free Kindle for PC app.

Cinnamon swirl bread was only $.75 each at the discount bread store. I also bought whole wheat bread for a little over $1 each.

I price matched at Walmart and was able to get a box of cereal for $.75 with a coupon. I also bought cereal at Dollar General for $1.50 each and found some bars of soap on sale with a coupon right on the package. I paid $.33 each with the sale and coupon.

I cooked the extra chicken that I purchased last month for $.88/lb. I have been using the chicken in meals and sandwiches. I also made chicken stock in the crock pot with the chicken scraps and vegetable peels that I saved in the freezer.

We paid extra towards the mortgage principle with our May payment.

I gave the boys a hair cut.

How did you save this week?