How I Saved This Week - April 9

As I mentioned last week, my husband and I have been getting ready for a big home improvement project. We are having new flooring put in on the entire main level of our home. We bought our home 10 years ago and I have been anxiously waiting (sometimes not-so-patiently) for the time when we could afford to do this project.

When we got the quote back for the flooring and installation, we carefully looked through each item to find ways that we could save money. We found three items that we knew we could do ourselves and asked that they be removed from our quote. We also changed some of the materials that we chose, which also saved a small amount. After all the changes were made, we saved about $600! The materials have been ordered and our installation date is set for early next month.

Our quarterly water bill came this week and increased $14 from last quarter. We have been taking shorter showers this week and trying other ways to decrease our water bill. Our water rates will be increasing by over 11% in July, so I really want to work on finding ways to lower our bill.

I have been checking for sales on winter hats and mittens for Operation Christmas Child shoe boxes and this week I found some knit winter hats on sale for $.25 at Walmart.

I trimmed the boys' hair.

We borrowed several books from the library.

I got a free magazine in the mail this week.

I mended one of the boys' hats.

How did you save this week?