How I Saved This Week

My first grader and I worked on a 100 days of school project. He decided to make a popcorn project, so I bought popcorn bags and poster board from the Dollar Tree. We glued the popcorn bag onto the poster board and glued 100 pieces of popcorn around it. I printed the words "popping into 100 days" in a large, fun font onto card stock and glued them to the top and bottom of the poster board.

I finished the crocheted bags that I made for the teachers for Valentine's Day. I used yarn and ribbon that I had on hand and filled them with candy. The boys attached one of these fun Valentine's Day notes that I printed on card stock.

A couple of years ago I found boxes of Valentine's Day cards on sale for $.25 after Valentine's Day. The boys gave the cards to their classmates during their Valentine's Day celebration this week.

I froze vegetable peels for chicken stock.

I bought English muffins for just $.50 per package at the bread store.

I worked 5 days this week and brought a lunch from home each day.

I gave the boys a hair cut.

This week I ran errands and picked up groceries on my way home from work to save on gas. I've used about 1/4 of a tank since Monday.

How did you save this week?