How I Saved This Week - January 9

My husband baked a cake for my birthday.  He said he took one look at the prices of a store bought cake and decided to buy a cake mix and try to make one himself!  It turned out great.

While I was doing some organizing this week, I found some information about a savings account my husband and I had opened many years ago.  At the time, the account offered a high interest rate and we opened the account for our son's college education.  Since then, interest rates have plummeted and we are going to move the money to his NextGen account.  We opened 529 investing plans for both of the boys a couple of years ago with the hope that it will help defray some of the cost of their college education.

We discovered this week that we could save $50 a year by increasing our auto insurance deductible to $1,000.  In the end we decided not to increase the deductible.  We didn't feel that the extra we would have to pay if we had an accident was worth the savings.

Our older son is working on a project at school and needed props for a presentation next week.  I printed a free printable from onto cardstock and we made a 3D paper model together. The site has several amazing 3D paper models and it is worth visiting if you haven't heard of the site before.

Our younger son has been wearing the jeans that his older brother grew out of, but several pairs have holes in the knees.  I bought him a new pair of jeans with a gift card that we were given at Christmas.

I started crocheting Valentine's gift bags for the boys' teachers.  I used a  free pattern and yarn that I had on hand.

I cut the boys' hair.

How did you save this week?


Jenn in Indiana said...

Happy Birthday Vanessa! Hope you had a great day! And that was very sweet of your husband to bake you a cake!

Vanessa said...

Thank you, Jenn. I did have a good day.