Meal Plan Monday - December 28

After many celebrations with family that included lots of rich food, we are more than ready to get back to our weekly meal plan.  We will be using up the leftover turkey from our Christmas meal and I'll be picking up some whole chickens that are on sale this week for $.99 per pound.  I will cook the chicken in the crock pot and make overnight chicken stock with the scraps to use in meals this week.

Turkey Bisque Soup with added rice, leftover Mile High Biscuits

Alphabet Soup with added chicken, garlic bread made from Italian bread

Zippy Shepherd's Pie, salad

Hot Turkey Sandwiches with sauteed mushrooms, leftover mashed potato, carrot sticks, apple slices

One Pot Wonder Chicken Lo Mein, peas

Turkey Sweet Potato Skillet, green beans, corn

Leftover night and/or chef salad

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