Shoe Boxes for Boys: Shoe Box for 10 - 14 year old

Welcome to the Shoe Boxes for Boys series. This year I am focusing on packing boxes for boys after reading a comment on this post about the need for more boxes for boys (especially 10-14 year olds). If you are packing Operation Christmas Child shoe boxes this year, I hope you will discover new ideas and also share your ideas!
Here's what I am including in a 10-14 year old box:

School Supplies
Colored Pencils
Pens & Pencils
Pencil Sharpener
Pencil Case

Toys & Games
Bouncy Ball
Jump Rope
Paddle Ball


Hygiene Items

Bungee Cords

I will also add some candy before dropping it off!  What are your favorite gifts to pack for Operation Christmas Child?


Anonymous said...

I too have been busy packing boxes for 10-14 year old boys. I put highlighters, pens, pencils, eraser, ruler, small notebook and weekly planner in each one. A bag of marbles, a hot wheels car and a yoyo went into several. I like to include a t-shirt in each box as well. My husband asked the dentist and recieved toothpastes and toothbrushes. We also included a stuffed animal in each. We will need to buy soap, washclothes and combs still. We have dum dum suckers to add right before collection time, too. It is so fun to shop for and pack!

Anonymous said...

I am going for two ping pong paddles and some balls this year. I am also adding brand new tennis shoes found for a great price. I've included a soccer ball deflated one year and considered tennis balls.