Simply Saving Saturday - September 14

I was so excited this week when I discovered that I can track our energy usage online.  Last year our electric company installed smart meters and even though there has been some controversy over it, I think this is going to be a wonderful benefit.  I can now look up our electricity usage by the year, month, day or hour.  I can also compare our usage with other similar households and can even enter a savings percentage and the dollar amount that we need to reach in order to save is calculated for us.  I think knowing exactly when we use the most electricity may help us find more ways to save on our electricity usage.

This week I made Whole Wheat Toaster Pastries, Fail-Proof Pizza Crust and Apple Almond Bars.  I used the leftover egg whites from the Apple Almond Bars to make an egg white omelet for lunch.  We also ate two meatless meals.

I have saved a lot of time and money by using pancakes (for pancake sandwiches) and blueberry mini muffins from the freezer to put in the boys' lunchboxes, but I discovered this week that the school meals are free for our younger son who is in the Pre-K program!

We picked tomatoes and winter squash from our garden.

I cashed in Swag Bucks for two $5 Amazon gift cards.

In my mailbox: a free magazine.

Our on-going savings:

**Wash laundry in cold water.

**Save kitchen scraps and eggshells for the compost.

**Use online bill pay to pay our bills.

**Follow a weekly meal plan.

**Earn Swag Bucks for Amazon gift cards that I use to buy gifts.

**Earn Recyclebank points for gift cards, coupons and free magazine subscriptions.

**Husband takes lunch to work everyday.

**Turn lights off when not being used.

**Use cash to buy groceries.

**Use scrap paper for notes and lists.

**Drive to town once a week for shopping and errands.  

**Buy less cereal and eat oatmeal and other homemade breakfasts several times a week.

**Reuse plastic and paper shopping bags for small trash and recycling.

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Jenn in Indiana said...

Looks like you had an awesome week! God Bless!

Vanessa M. said...

Thanks Jenn. Have a great week!

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