Our Garden Project 2013: Vegetables From Our Garden!

It has been a little over a month since my last update and much to my surprise the garden actually looks like a real garden!  I am completely amazed at what we have accomplished in our very first garden considering my black thumb.  Even more amazing is that I have discovered that I love gardening!

Here is what our garden looks like now:

This year I planted a whole row of lettuce all at the same time which I learned is not a good idea.  We couldn't possibly eat all this lettuce in a month!   Oh, and by the way--if you cut the leaves off it keeps growing back!

Next year I will only plant a small amount every couple of weeks so that it doesn't mature all at the same time.  It turns out I am not a big fan of the black seeded simpson lettuce that I planted this year.  Next year I will try a different variety.

Like the lettuce, I planted too much zucchini and it has taken over the garden.  We have recently had a problem with pests eating the zucchini plants and I did have to pull up 4 plants that died.  After lots of research, I'm still not 100% sure what the pest is, but I sprayed an insecticidal soap and I'm hoping that it will solve the problem.

So far we have picked 7 zucchinis.  That large one was hiding and when I did finally find it, it was 10 inches long!

The peas and beans that we planted didn't do well this year, so we won't have a freezer full of these vegetables like I had envisioned when I first started planning the garden.  So far we have managed to get enough beans to go with one meal this week.

We do have more green beans growing that we will be able to enjoy soon.

We are still waiting for the tomatoes to ripen.  Some of our tomato plants are doing very well and others are struggling.  I started watering the struggling plants with Miracle Gro once a week and it seems to be helping.

I wrote in my last garden update that the acorn squash seedlings weren't doing well.  It turns out that I wasn't watering them enough.  They are growing all over the place now, but so far I have only seen a few fruit that have started.

After we bought our seeds in May, our younger son asked if he could plant the seeds.  Since our garden wasn't ready, we planted a few seeds from the mixed seed packet that the store gave him into a small flower bed at the side of the house.

I didn't really pay attention to what we were planting because I didn't think anything would grow there since the soil is so rocky.  I was very surprised to see bean, pea and squash plants in my flower garden.  I was even more surprised when we found a baby buttercup squash a few weeks ago!

I have come to the conclusion that being a first-time gardener is a lot like being a first-time parent; there is a lot of worry, a little bit of panic at the first sign of a problem, and a lot of researching on the internet. Regardless of the time and effort that has gone into our garden, it has been a wonderful experience.  I have learned so much and I can't wait to start next year's garden!

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