Simply Saving Saturday

What a great week we had!  We had sunshine every day this week and it felt wonderful after the long winter that we had this year.

**We started to get supplies together for a small raised bed garden.  We decided to try a concrete block raised garden since we already had a few concrete blocks and we thought this might be less expensive and much easier than building one.  We found some chicken wire that we are going to use to make a trellis for peas and beans.  When our neighbor found out what we were up to, she gave us some boards that she found at the recycling center.

**I made Parmesan-Herb Tortilla Chips using whole wheat tortillas.  The kids loved them with salsa and Roasted Red Pepper Hummus.

**There were great deals at our local Save-a-Lot this week: eggs for $.99/dozen, split chicken breasts and tomatoes for $.99/lb. and 10 pounds of potatoes for $2.99.  

**I was able to get 13 boneless, skinless chicken breasts and 9 cups of shredded chicken from the 17 pounds of chicken that I bought.  All the chicken went right into the freezer as well as the chicken bones that I will use to make chicken stock.

**I signed up for online banking.  I've been hesitant to use online banking, but savings on stamps and checks finally convinced me. I'll be checking closely for the first couple of months to be sure everything gets paid when and where it's supposed to!

**In my mailbox this week:  a $12.50 rebate.

**I cleaned the oven with baking soda, vinegar and a lot of good, old-fashioned elbow grease instead of using the self-clean option.

**Cashed in Swag Bucks for two $5 Amazon gift cards.

Our on-going savings:

**Follow a weekly meal plan.

**Earn Swag Bucks for Amazon gift cards that I use to buy gifts.

**Earn Recyclebank points for gift cards, coupons and free magazine subscriptions.

**Keep thermostat at 60 during the day and at night.

**Husband takes lunch to work everyday.

**Turn lights off when not being used.

**Use cash to buy groceries.

**Use scrap paper for notes and lists.

**Drive to town once a week for shopping and errands.  

**Buy less cereal and eat oatmeal several times a week.

**Reuse plastic and paper shopping bags for small trash and recycling.

**Save bread ends for the freezer.

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