Clutter-Busting Challenge Week #5: This Week's Clutter and Grand Total

This month I joined the clutter-busting challenge hosted by Money Saving Mom.  Crystal challenged her readers to get rid of 7 things every week day in May.  I can't believe this was the last week!  I have really enjoyed this challenge; I found many old, sentimental items and remembered the story behind them.  Of course, I also found many things to get rid of!  

Here's what I found this week:

May 27:  I went back down to the closet under the stairs and found more treasures like my old baby blanket with the wrong birth date embroidered on it.  The cabbage patch doll that my mom made me that I was saving for my own daughter, but will now have to save for a granddaughter.  The old Nancy Drew books that I loved to read growing up.

I did find more things to get rid of:  An old Cricket book.  Does anyone else remember Cricket?  I also found 4 old college textbooks from 10 years ago that are probably obsolete, a calendar from 2000 and some old check stubs from a part time job I had in college.  I made $6.25 an hour!  Total items: 7

May 28: I also found a set of dishes hidden under the stairs.  Total items: 20 (some not pictured)

May 29:  Last week's toy experiment must have left an impression with my children.  Our younger son brought a car to me because he said he and his brother don't play with it anymore!  I added it to our clutter-busting pile along with 4 puzzles, a game and a child-size painting smock. Total items: 7.

May 30:  A few odds and ends on this day:  an m&m dispenser, 3 tea cups, 3 more ac adapters(?), an old pocket calendar/planner and expired medication.  Total items: 9.

May 31:  When you find things with dust on them, then you know it's time to get rid of it!  I found a Noah's Ark knick knack, 7 pairs of earrings, 1 necklace charm, and 1 earring without a match.  Total items: 10.

Here is the final count:

Week #1: 37
Week #2: 57
Week #3: 37
Week #4: 48
Week #5: 53