Clutter-Busting Challenge Week #3: This Week's Total - 37

This month I'm joining the clutter-busting challenge hosted by Money Saving Mom.  Crystal is challenging her readers to get rid of 7 things every week day in May.  That's 161 things!  Here's what I found this week:

May 13:  Nine hair clips.

May 14:  Getting rid of my own clothing is very, very hard for me.  I must admit that some things went into this pile only to be taken out a few minutes later.  That might explain why I found a 10 (maybe 12?) year old pair of skorts that have been worn maybe once.  I just knew in the last 10 or so years that I would need them.  Do people even wear those anymore?  I'm definitely not a fashion expert, but I'm pretty sure my pink, white and purple plaid ones were a little out of style.  

I also found 1 sweater and 4 shirts and I decided it was time to get rid of an old pair of black shoes (not pictured) since I had 4 others (2 summer and 2 winter).  Black goes with everything doesn't it?


May 15:  A few more things from the kitchen: 2 old Jif jars, a thermos with no straw, a pan, an old muffin pan, a storage container and a ceramic halloween/thanksgiving basket.

May 16:  Our youngest son doesn't like wearing overalls.  He calls them "bib pants" and informed me that he isn't a baby anymore and is too old to wear them.  After helping him at least a half dozen times to readjust them, they went in the clutter-busting pile.  I also found 2 shirts, a toy, a pair of baby booties, an eyeglass case, and Wallies wallpaper shapes.

May 17:  I found some odds and ends: 1 candle, 3 magazines, 2 sheets of stickers and an empty box.

Week #1: 37
Week #2: 57
Week #3: 37
Total items to date: 131