Clutter-Busting Challenge Week #1 - Children's Clothing and Books

This month I'm joining the clutter-busting challenge hosted by Money Saving Mom.  Crystal is challenging her readers to get rid of 7 things every week day in May.  That's 161 things!  It seems like a lot, but when I start digging I'm sure I'll probably surprise myself.  I'll be sharing a weekly update of my progress.

Day 1:  This week I started with the children's clothing.  I needed to sort and organize our children's clothing for spring and this was the perfect motivation to get this job done!  I started with our younger son's clothing and discovered clothes and a winter jacket in 24 months and 2T that our 4-year old definitely won't be able to wear anymore.

Day 2:  Our 6-year old's clothes are usually passed on to his brother, but I did find a very stained shirt that I'm pretty sure even the power of oxi-clean couldn't help that went right in the trash.  There were some clothes that I didn't think we could use for our younger son and those were put in the Goodwill pile.  The outgrown clothes that I wanted to keep were put away in boxes under his bed until his brother is a little older.

Day 3:  On Day 3 I tackled the books.  Our whole family loves to read and we have lots and lots (and lots) of books.  We have 3 bookcases, a closet shelf and a large plastic tub all full of books!  Books take up a lot of space and I finally decided that enough is enough.  I sorted through some of those books and reluctantly put some in the give away pile and some in the yard sale pile.  There were books that I have owned for over 10 years that I decided to part with.  I also got rid of some board books that I felt our children had outgrown.

Total items to date: Week #1 - 37