Simply Saving Saturday

We had beautiful weather the last part of this week with lots of sunshine.  We turned the thermostat off during the warmer days and spent some time outside.  

One of our sons found a bird's nest (see the green grass? yay!),

and we noticed lots of buds on the flowers and trees including our crab apple tree.  I cleaned out two small flower beds and noticed that the daffodils will be blooming soon.  I love this time of year when we can work outside without being bothered by black flies and mosquitoes!

**On Sunday there were tables set up at church with books that were free for the taking.  I was able to find a few books that I hadn't read yet from a couple of my favorite authors.

**I was also able to pick up some books at the library book sale for $.10 each and we checked out several others.  As you can probably tell, we love books!

**I tried this whole wheat pop tarts recipe this week.  These are so, so good and much healthier and cheaper than the "real" pop tarts.  They're not as inexpensive as homemade oatmeal, but they are a good alternative to cereal and a nice change to have occasionally.  They also make a great snack.

**My husband and I like to share a pint of ice cream every so often while watching a favorite tv show or movie.  When my husband went out one night this week to pick up a gallon of milk, he also brought home a pint of ice cream.  Instead of our favorite Ben & Jerry's, he brought home Hershey's ice cream because "it was a lot cheaper".  That's a man after my own heart!

**Downloaded a song on Spotify for free.

**In my mailbox this week:  free Martha Stewart Magazine, free Family Fun Magazine and a toothpaste sample.

**I was able to get 6 loaves of whole wheat bread for $.67 each at the bread store during their Buy 2, Get 1 free sale.  They also threw in two free donuts for the boys. :)

Our on-going savings:

**Follow a weekly meal plan.

**Earn Swag Bucks for Amazon gift cards that I use to buy gifts.

**Keep thermostat at 65 during the day and 60 at night.
(We were able to turn the heat off for a few days this week!)

**Husband takes lunch to work everyday.

**Turn lights off when not being used.

**Use cash to buy groceries.

**Use scrap paper for notes and lists.

**Drive to town once a week for shopping and errands.  

**Buy less cereal and eat oatmeal several times a week.

**Reuse plastic and paper shopping bags for small trash and recycling.

**Save bread ends for the freezer.

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