Simply Saving Saturday

Frugal living is a lifestyle--it's all the little things we do every day to save money.  Join me on my frugal living journey as I share ways we simply save each week.

This is our fourth year packing shoe boxes for Operation Christmas Child.  Even though Collection Week isn't until the end of November, by starting at the beginning of the year I am able to look for gifts during seasonal and holiday sales and it gives me a chance to make handmade items for the shoe boxes. 

This week I was able to purchase a few things from a seasonal sale and also make a few items to put in this year's shoe boxes.

Here are some of the ways I was able to simply save this week:

**I started an Amazon shopping list for birthday and Christmas gifts so that I can order several things at once and take advantage of super saver shipping. With the free gift cards I earn from Swagbucks and the free shipping, I save quite a bit of money buying gifts this way.

**Made chicken broth with chicken bones and veggie scraps that I had saved in the freezer.

**I made chicken noodle soup with some of the chicken broth.  I didn't have egg noodles that the recipe called for, so I used spaghetti broken into small pieces instead.

**Made chicken salad sandwiches for lunch with the little bit of chicken leftovers from this week.

**Found an unadvertised sale on ground beef for $1.99/lb and made tacos with beans again this week.  I used the leftover meat mixture to make taco salad and burritos with rice and salsa for lunches.

**The boys found some dried out markers in their pencil box (an old baby wipes container!) and I saved the caps to make these jump ropes for Operation Christmas Child shoe boxes. 

**Made an online order through ebates to get a small amount of cash back.  When the box was delivered, it was in a large plastic bag that I saved to use as a trash bag.

**Saved a couple of small pineapple cans to make my own English muffins with this recipe.

**Made crocheted backpacks to put in Operation Christmas Child boxes with yarn that I had on hand.  This year I am determined to make projects with yarn from my yarn stash before I buy more.

**Found winter hats and mittens on sale at Walmart for $.25 and will add these to the Operation Christmas Child shoe boxes that we are working on this year.

**Bought a pair of dressy shoes that were on clearance for $5 and saved the shoe box for....yes, you guessed it....Operation Christmas Child. :)

Our on-going savings:

**Keep thermostat at 67 during the day and 62 at night.

**Husband takes lunch to work everyday.

**Turn lights off when not being used.

**Use cash to buy groceries.

**Use scrap paper for notes and lists.

**Drive to town once a week for shopping and errands.

**Buy less cereal and eat oatmeal several times a week.

**Reuse plastic and paper shopping bags for small trash and recycling.


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