Shoe Boxes for Boys: Crocheted Backpack (Free Pattern)

Welcome to the Shoe Boxes for Boys series. This year I am focusing on packing boxes for boys after reading a comment on this post about the need for more boxes for boys (especially 10-14 year olds). If you are packing Operation Christmas Child shoe boxes this year, I hope you will discover new ideas and also share your ideas!
Another gift I like to include in Operation Christmas Child shoe boxes is a bag for each child to carry their shoe box gifts in.  Small canvas bags and drawstring bags fit very well in a shoe box and thanks to Pinterest, it is very easy to find a free pattern for just about any style bag.

I just loved these small backpack and large backpack crochet patterns at CreativeMe! and adapted the pattern so that the seam would be almost completely invisible and with no-sew straps that are adjustable. 

Free pattern:  Crocheted Backpack Pattern

The small backpack is the perfect size for 2 - 4 year olds.  I think the large size will fit most 10 - 14 year old boys and with the straps adjusted a little bit to make them a little smaller, I think the large bag will also be the right size for the 5 - 9 year old boys.

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For more free patterns and ideas, visit my OCC Pinterest Board.

Note: The information shared in this series will follow the OCC-US regulations. When packing shoe boxes from other countries, please refer to the rules and regulations from that country as they do vary from country to country. Thank you!
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KC @ genxfinance said...

Those are cute patterns..

Anonymous said...

Really cute backpacks!!!

Navy Wifey Peters @ Submarine Sunday Link Party

Nancy said...

What an adorable backpack!!! I saw it on the tidy mom link party. I want one!!

Suzanne said...

Thanks for joining in Let's Get STitched--I love those backpacks! Wow! Why knit when you can crochet like that:-)

Vanessa M. said...

Thanks for stopping by Suzanne. I still wouldn't mind being able to knit as well.... :)

Amanda Nicole said...

Beautiful back pack pattern!

It was featured in an MNE Crafts pattern round up!

Jelena Ranis said...

Hi Vanessa, thank you for posting this pattern. You have inspired me to write a pattern of my own. The shoulder straps are so practical and easy to make. Hope you don't mind me "borrowing" them for my pattern.
I've added a link to your blog, you can view it here:

Vanessa said...

Jelena, I just love the backpack! What a great idea to add a little pocket on the front. I am definitely going to try your pattern.

Nicole Hexel said...

I am a beginning crocheteer and wondering what lines in the pattern you changed colors on. Hopefully I am not missing that instruction in the pattern?

Vanessa said...

Hi, Nicole. I didn't write the color changes into the pattern because the color changes are customizable and can be made wherever you like. It's been a few years since I made these, but for the small bag it looks like I made a color change in round 9. I did two rounds of the dark blue and 1 round of red and then changed back to the main color. I did another round of red for round 17 and then changed back to main color.

For the big backpack, it looks like I changed to red in round 17 and then light blue in 18 and back to the main color for 4 rounds and then a color change to red for one round and light blue for 2 rounds and then changed to red for one round. There are 4 rounds of the main color and then the light blue round followed by the red round and then I finished with the main color.

I hope that makes sense. If you have any other questions, feel free to contact me. Happy crocheting! :)

Jack110 said...

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