Paper Leprechaun Hat

Our son's class is celebrating St. Patrick's Day with a "Green Day" this week.  We made this fun, festive leprechaun hat for the celebration.

You will need: green, black, yellow construction paper and glue runner or double sided tape (glue stick doesn't work well for this project).
Fold a piece of 9x12 paper or construction paper, short sides together.  Draw a hat template and cut it out.  Use the template to cut two hat shapes out of the green construction paper.  Keep two of the scrap pieces; these will be used for the sides of the hat. 
From the yellow construction paper cut a 2 1/8" x 2" square, fold it in half and cut out the middle.  Cut a 2" strip from the short side of the black construction paper.
Attach the black strip to the hat and trim the edges.  Attach the yellow square to the middle of the black strip.
With one of the leftover green pieces, cut off the pointed top (piece cut will be a triangle).  Make a fold along the long edges.  We made a 3/8" wide fold, but you can adjust the size of the hat by making a smaller or larger fold.  Attach one edge to the back of the hat.
Attach the other edge of the side piece to the back of the second hat piece.  Attach the second side piece as shown in the picture.  Glue or tape the last side edge to the hat piece to form the hat.
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Ruth said...

Hey Vanessa - cute St. Patrick's day hat! Thanks so much for linking it up to Thrifty Thursday!

Blair Lonergan said...

Hi Vanessa! I found your blog at Or So She Says, and I just wanted to say how cute this is. My boys will have fun making leprechaun hats next year!

Vanessa M. said...

Thanks, Blair! This was a fun way to celebrate St. Patrick's Day. I hope your family enjoys this little project as much as we did.