Simply Saving Saturday

**My car was finally fixed on Thursday and it wasn't nearly as expensive to as we had feared!  After a week without a vehicle we saved some money in gas, but I have a major case of "cabin fever" and a new respect for moms who live in a one car family!

**I bought an 8 lb. pork loin that was on sale for $1.99/lb.  I honestly had no idea what to do with such a huge piece of meat, but I was getting very tired of chicken and was desparate to add some variety to our meals.

I found a wonderful video online that showed me how to cut it into a roast, thick and thin pork chops and cubes for stir fry and sweet and sour pork.  Most of the meat went in the freezer.  We have enough pork for at least 10 meals for our family of 4 with lots of leftovers for lunches.  It was a nice change from the chicken meals we've been eating and a great deal! 

**My husband and I had a free meal at his annual employee appreciation dinner.  It was delicious and I enjoyed a break from the kitchen.

**I am starting to notice some small savings by making our breakfast instead of grabbing a box of cereal in the morning.  This week I bought 2 boxes of cereal instead of the 4 that I normally buy and we ate oatmeal several times this week instead.  I saved about $4.00 (probably closer to $4.50) this week which would be a yearly savings of a little over $200 per year! 

**We made our own valentines for my son's first grade class using things we had on hand instead of buying them.  I did buy some candy from the dollar store to put in the valentines.

**I used the $1 Olay coupon from the P&G coupon insert to get free soap at Dollar Tree. 

**I used bread end-slices from the freezer to make homemade stuffing. The difference between store bought stuffing and homemade was shocking. I don't think I will ever buy a box of stuffing again!

**I cooked the extra turkey that I bought during the Thanksgiving sales ($.49/lb.) and made turkey broth with the bones.  We will have lots of turkey meals on next week's menu.  Some of our favorites are Turkey Noodle Soup, Turkey Pot Pie, Turkey Tetrazzini and turkey sandwiches for lunch.