Simply Saving Saturday

**My grocery spending was a little over budget this week since I wanted to make a special Valentine's Day dinner for my husband.  I made his favorite Beef Tips With Mushrooms and tried this Chocolate Raspberry Cheesecake Pie for dessert (amazing!) and splurged on a bottle of sparkling cider. 

Even though this wasn't the cheapest meal I have ever made, it was still much less expensive than having a meal at a restaurant. 

**I packed my son's lunch in plastic containers and used very few sandwich bags this week.

**My son made his 100 Days of School project out of legos that he had.

**The school sends home a lot of  information about school and community special events as well as notes from my son's teacher.  I've been using the back of that paper to make lists and for notes.

**I used the turkey stock I made last week and made Turkey Noodle Soup with heart carrots.  It did seem to be a little wasteful to make the hearts, but instead of throwing all the scraps and shavings away I put them in the freezer and will use them in my next batch of chicken stock.

**Found some coupons that I could use in the coupon exchange box at the library and also dropped some coupons off for others to use.

**Used coupons for free paper towels, relish, soap and other personal care items.

**Purchased bread for $1 at the bread store.

**Made smoothies with cherries that had gotten lost in the freezer and some berries and yogurt in the fridge that needed to be eaten.