Candy-Filled Paper Heart Valentines

My first-grader and I made these candy-filled valentine hearts for the valentine's exchange at school.  They are very simple to make with items that you probably already have on hand.

You will need: construction paper, heart-shaped template, paper punch, yarn, yarn needle, stickers and candy.

Cut hearts out of construction paper and use the paper punch to punch holes around the edges. 

 With the yarn needle and yarn, whipstitch two hearts together leaving a 4 to 5 inch tail at both ends.  Leave the top center hole open.

After the hearts are sewn together, names can be written on the valentines and stickers or other decorations can be added.

 Slide candy into the hearts and then insert the tails through the top center hole from back to front and tie a bow.

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Kelley @ said...

This is such a great craft for kids Vanessa! And what a great gift to give to classmates! I really love this!

Thank you for linking up to Financial Friday at the Grant life! Im going to feature this Tuesday in my Valentine's roundup! Be sure to check it out :)

Vanessa said...

Thank you, Kelley!

Anonymous said...

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Mariaelena said...

This is a great idea and one my 2nd grade daughter will love to make...thanks for the tip...we'll be doing this for sure!...happy Monday, Mariaelena

Kirstylee said...

This is the perfect way to get my son to practice sewing without complaining! Thanks for the idea.

Vanessa said...

Kirstylee - I'm so glad you were able to use this idea. It's a wonderful way to practice fine motor skills as well

Jenni said...

So cute! Thanks for sharing this fun idea.

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