Swagbucks Tip: New & Improved Toolbar

The first thing you will want to do after signing up with Swagbucks is download the toolbar.

Not only will you earn 1 Swag Buck each day that it is installed, but it also gives you quick and easy access to the search box.

Swagbucks has completely redesigned the toolbar and has made it much easier to find Swag Codes by adding a "Check for Swag Code" button on the toolbar.  Check this button throughout the day and if there is an active Swag Code available, a hint will be given to help you find the Swag Code. 

Find the Swag Code, enter it into the "gimme" box at swagbucks.com and earn easy points!   Occasionally you may find a Swag Code when you click on the button. 

To download the toolbar, go to swagbucks.com and put your mouse on "Tools" in the menu bar.  Click on "toolbars" and scroll down to the "download" button at the bottom of the page.


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