Simply Saving Saturday


It's often hard to see the tangible savings from the simple things I do every day to save money and I sometimes find myself discouraged with my efforts. Writing down all those little things I do in order to live more frugally has helped me to see that all those little things actually can make a big difference!
--Rode early to church with hubby so that we didn't need to take two vehicles to church.

--We didn't need to buy the book for the new study we are doing in our small group since I had downloaded it for free to my Kindle for PC earlier in the year.  We just take our laptop along with us instead of a book!

--Found many gardening books at the library.  So excited to start planning our garden!

--Made my own yogurt for the first time.  We are enjoying grapefruit, strawberry, banana yogurt and I am experimenting with yogurt smoothies. 

--Paid a hospital bill by the prompt pay discount date and received a 10% discount.

--Made garlic bread sticks with the whole wheat hot dog buns that I bought at the bread store for $1.

--The satin edging on a blanket that we received as a wedding gift 8 years ago was unraveling.  Instead of throwing it away and buying a new one, I cut all the edging off and I'm sure this blanket will last us for a few more years.

--Made cake flour for a new recipe I tried instead of buying it.

How were you able to save this week?