Simply Saving Saturday

It's often hard to see the tangible savings from the simple things I do every day to save money and I sometimes find myself discouraged with my efforts. Writing down all those little things I do in order to live more frugally has helped me to see that all those little things actually can make a big difference!

Here are some small ways that I was able to simply save this week:
--Since we have been buying extra meat while it is on sale, we have plenty of meat in the freezer and we didn't need to buy any this week.
--Crocheted a scarf with yarn that my mom found at Goodwill and gave to me.  There just happened to be a few skeins of really nice, expensive yarn in the huge bag that she gave me.
--We were able to get interior paint for 50% off!  There are a few paint projects that we wanted to do around the house this year and when a local hardware store started selling their paint for 50%, we decided to pick out colors and buy the paint now instead of waiting until we were ready to paint. (Planning ahead is a big money-saver!)
--Received a full-size box of cereal from BzzAgent.  BzzAgent is a social marketing company that allows members to qualify to try products for free and then spread the word on social media and by word of mouth about the products they try.
--Found some coupons that I could use in the community coupon box at our local library.  The coupon box has been such a blessing to us!  Our library has put out the coupon box for people to share coupons and it allows me to get one or two more coupons for free-after-coupon items or for things that we need without buying a second newspaper each week.
--Downloaded free ebooks to my Kindle for PC.
--Used a coupon to get free toothpaste.
--Used a notecard that a friend sent me several years ago and painted a plain frame in order to make an inexpensive wall art.  I had a great time with this project and for a little more than $5 I was able to add some life to a very boring wall.

How were you able to simply save this week?