Shoe Boxes for Boys: After Christmas Sales

Welcome to the Shoe Boxes for Boys series.  This year I am focusing on packing boxes for boys after reading a comment on this post about the need for more boxes for boys (especially 10-14 year olds).  If you are packing shoe boxes this year, I hope you will find some new ideas and also share your ideas!
After Christmas sales are a wonderful opportunity to buy gift wrap, pencils and other small items at a great price.  If you haven't been to the after Christmas sales, there's still time!

The Christmas clearance at Walmart is now 75% off and I was able to find gift wrap (90 sq. ft.) for just $.61 each.  I also found pencils, stamp sets and colorful cups for just $.21 each.

Tip:  When buying gift wrap, try to find coordinating prints so that if you run out of one roll and weren't able to finish a box, you can use the another roll that coordinates well.

Note:  The information shared in this series will follow the OCC-US regulations.  When packing shoe boxes from other countries, please refer to the rules and regulations from that country as they vary greatly from country to country.  Thank you!

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