Make Your Own Notecard Wall Art and An "Aged" Picture Frame

For this project, I used this note card that a friend sent me several years ago...

and purchased this plain picture frame and the gray and white acrylic paints at Walmart.

I started by mixing the dark gray and white paints together and painting the whole frame with the light gray.

After the light gray coat was dry, I brushed on the dark gray in three spots that form a sort of triangle as explained in this video.

The gray paints were covered with a light coat of white paint.  I dabbed just a small amount of white paint around the edges so that some of the light gray paint would show through and help give the picture frame an aged look.


Once the white paint was dry, I very lightly sanded all the edges and the spots on the frame where I wanted the gray to show through.
The notecard was too small for the picture frame so I attached the notecard to a piece of cardstock that I cut to fit the frame and it is now hanging in our bathroom!


Mariel said...

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