Frugal Living: Make Your Own Yogurt

{Grapefruit, Strawberry, Banana Yogurt}

I was amazed to discover that it is possible to make yogurt right in my very own kitchen!  Since I cut back on the amount of yogurt that I was buying due to the price and the amount of sugar in most flavored yogurts, this was an experiment that I couldn't wait to try.

What I love about making my own yogurt:

1. It's healthy.
2. It's inexpensive.
3. I can experiment with new flavors.

There are a many different ways to make yogurt and lots of suggestions on how to go about it, but I used this recipe from Anna at Feminine Adventures.  The yogurt turned out to be much thinner than what we are used to, but it was delicious!

{heating the milk to 185 degrees}

Next time I will try removing some of the whey from the yogurt to make a thicker yogurt (Anna shares how to do this in her post).  A thickener can also be added to thicken the yogurt.  Kelly from Faithful Provisions shares a recipe that includes using gelatin or nonfat dry milk for thickening.

The freshness of homemade yogurt can't be beat.  It's delicious in smoothies, as a substitute for sour cream or flavored with fruit.