Simply Saving Saturday

It's often hard to see the tangible savings from the simple things I do every day to save money and I sometimes find myself discouraged with my efforts.  Writing down all those little things I do in order to live more frugally has helped me to see that all those little things actually can make a big difference!

Here's how I was able to simply save this week:

--Turned off lights when we left a room.  We are trying to be more diligent in this and also trying to teach this to our children as well.

--Made my own bathroom cleaner with vinegar and the inexpensive dish soap I purchased earlier this month.  I also reused orange peels to make this orange vinegar cleaner that I also found on Pinterest.

--Saved used dryer sheets to clean blinds. (I can't remember where I found this tip, but it really works!)

--Started a scarf for my sister for Christmas using a free pattern I found (yup, you guessed it!) on Pinterest.

--Made pancakes and homemade instant oatmeal packets for breakfasts.  I just started making homemade breakfasts and I'm hoping that this will help us save on the amount of cereal we eat every week.

--Used coupons at the Dollar Tree and only paid tax for soap and sore throat drops.

--Forgot to pick up some things while I was shopping for groceries this week, but decided to save gas and not make an extra trip back to the store even though I really wanted to!

--Purchased shirts and sneakers from the thrift store for our fast-growing children.  These were in like-new condition and for just a fraction of the cost of buying brand new!

How were you able to simply save this week?