Crocheted Ponytail Holder {Tutorial}

This week I started a couple of Operation Christmas Child boxes for 10 - 14 year old girls and I thought these fun ponytail holders would be a nice gift to add to the boxes.

yarn needle
G {4.25 mm} crochet hook
"ouchless" elastic ponytail holder
 {found these at The Dollar Tree!}

1.  Attach the yarn to the elastic with a single crochet.

2.  Continue with single crochet around the elastic, crocheting over the tail.

3.  When you come to the first single crochet, gently push the stitches together without stretching the elastic out of shape.  Continue with single crochet until the elastic is completely covered.

4.  Chain 1 and put the hook through the first single crochet.

5.  Single crochet.

6.  Chain 8.

7.  Single crochet in the next single crochet to form a loop.

8.  Chain 8.  Continue single crochet and chain 8 pattern to last single crochet.  The loops should start to have a ruffle-y look.

9.  Slip stitch in last single crochet and fasten off.  Weave in ends.

Here's the written pattern:

Attach the yarn to the elastic with a sc.  Sc around the elastic and gently push stitches together.  Sc until elastic is completely covered. 

Ch 1.  Sc in first sc.  *Chain 8, sc in next sc; repeat from * across to last sc.  Sl st in last sc.  Fasten off.  Weave in ends.


Mindie Hilton said...

So cute, I want to try these ponytails.

Crafty Mischief said...

So pretty! I've made similar ones with fun fur. Thanks for sharing. My girls will love these!

Vanessa said...

Fun fur ponytail holders sound like fun. :) I will have to try that!

Amber Mae said...

So cute, and I love all the pictures to go with the tutorial.

Our Delightful Home said...

You really give such awesome tutorials!

Mrs. Delightful

Vanessa said...

It is sometimes hard to get good pictures...I'm thinking someday I need to do a vlog. :)

Tim, Allyson, and kids said...

I'm off to pin these to my Fabric & Yarn board. Thanks for the great idea and easy to follow tutorial!

Thanks for linking up to Finished Friday.

Sarah @ Homestyle Cooking Around The World said...

THis is so cute. Pinned this to make soon for my girl!

Trish - Mom On Timeout said...

These are great! I've made some similar ones for myself and they are so fun and easy to make. Pinned these and will be featuring tonight at Mom On Timeout. Thanks for sharing!

Michelle @ Michelles Tasty Creations said...


These are so darling and you make it look so easy. I haven't crocheted in years.

I would love it if you shared this at my link party (first one ever) Have a great day.


Rein said...

These are cute!

King of $aving said...

Stopping by from the Creative Thursday Link Party!

Beth said...

I've made ponytail holders for my girls by attaching the elastic to a flower but I never thought of crocheting around the elastic - great idea! Thanks for posting the tutorial.

Andrea said...

this is so adorable. I need to learn to crochet just so I can make it. I know how to knit but need to re learn crocheting. Just love your blog and am now following you. If you are looking for some easy, fun, family recipes come check out my blog