Organize and Declutter 2012: The Kitchen

In January I challenged myself to organize and declutter my home.  While I still have some work to do, I have finished quite a few projects on my list and am thrilled with how it has made my home run more efficiently.

Here is a tour of the kitchen which I was just able to finish up this week:

My biggest challenge in the kitchen is that I don't have a pantry.  This itty bitty cabinet that is smooshed between the stove and refrigerator was what I used as a pantry. 

There were many food items that wouldn't fit into this space so food was overflowing into several other cabinets as well.  I also had a very hard time finding things and I was constantly buying food that I already had!

The solution was to move everything to a much bigger cabinet which is above the counter.  All the food is kept in this cabinet with the exception of snacks and spices which are in the adjacent cabinet.

I found a basket to hold all the loose seasoning packets and a few other odds and ends. 


In the tupperware cabinet I used a basket to keep all the tupperware lids under control.  Fitting the tupperware together also makes the whole cabinet look more organized and clutter-free.


I just love these drawer organizers that I found at Walmart.  It was the perfect
solution for the tupperware cup covers that were constantly getting lost in the back of the cup cabinet.

The other organizers keep the kids' eating utensils, some measuring spoons and a few other odds and ends organized.  They fit perfectly inside the silverware drawer.


These dollar store containers keep things organized under the sink.  I can't
believe how much space I have in that cabinet when things aren't scattered everywhere...
just one of the many benefits of organization!

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5 comments : said...

It's amazing what a few baskets can do! Nice job!

Tim, Allyson, and kids said...

I love using containers to keep things neat and tidy. I need to find a few more for under our bathroom sink. Thanks for linking up to our Finished Friday post.

Lucy M said...

I might just try doing the same at home. seems to be the solution for those messy cabinets..
thank you for sharing.

Walking on Sunshine... said...

Amazing how much space we all have when things are organized! Looks really nice!

Vanessa said...

Thanks, Lois! I'm also having a much easier time finding things. :)