Organize and Declutter 2012: Task #2 - Follow A Plan

So I have my list and I have a plan: 

I got busy organizing thinking that I would be able to finish these projects fairly quickly.  But I got a little sidetracked when I decided I needed wanted something different to store all my yarn in.  So why not work on the small little broom closet while I look for something on my next shopping trip? 

I got to work on the broom closet and found some extra space that would be just right for all the instruction manuals that were taking up a whole shelf in the kitchen.  I got the manuals from the kitchen and put them in their new spot...

I was so excited about the extra shelf in the kitchen cabinet {who wouldn't be?} that I left the broom closet and started to organize the kitchen shelves.

And then I discovered some bins at the dollar store that would be just perfect for the bathroom closet.  I was so excited about my find and the money that I saved {$20 - $30} that I just had to start the bathroom closet right away!

So now I have at least four projects started, none finished and little piles of things everywhere.

Don't just write out a plan; follow it.  Don't let yourself get sidetracked.  Following a plan gives focus and a sense of accomplishment as each project can be crossed off the list as it is finished.  And another benefit?  A whole lot less mess and stress.

Are you getting organized this year?  What projects are you working on this week?