Organize and Declutter 2012: Organizing Christmas Decorations

Organizing the Christmas decorations was not on the organize and declutter to-do list.  My way of organizing them {put everything in the box, push it all down, close the top and hope that nothing gets broken} was working well for me; everything fit in one box and so far, nothing had gotten broken.

I just barely managed to get everything in the box and stored away again this year when I realized that there were a few things left out and they weren't going to fit in the box.  Since getting organized is one of my goals this year, I figured the Christmas decorations would be a good place to start.

I used some ideas that I found on IHeart Organizing and got to work:

Garlands and lights wrapped around cardboard!  We will not be fighting with tangled lights next year!

Loose ornaments in zipper bags....

...and placed neatly on top.  I also had two small fabric Christmas stocking ornaments that I put some fragile ornaments in.  There will be very little chance of broken or damaged Christmas ornaments this year!

I've been working on several other organize and declutter projects.  Later this week: The broom closet.