Organize and Declutter 2012: The Coat Closet - Before and After

I made a small attempt to organize a few years ago when I found these:

We desperately needed something to put our hats, mittens and gloves in and these worked perfectly.  Not to mention the pair were on sale for $5.  Nothing like a sale to get me motivated!  The other bin is our "toy changing station"  which holds batteries and several screwdrivers.  Yes, when you have children with lots of toys, you need a storage container just for batteries! 

The rest of the closet was in dire need of some decluttering and organizing.  As you can see the toys had even taken over the coat closet:

I also found lots of tools in the back of the closet, which may be why I found this in the basement:

An unused, like-new toolbox.  Hmmmmm....

I also found a knitting needle that I had been looking for.  And now I just have to remember where I put the other one....

And here is what the closet looked like after a little bit a lot of sorting and organizing:

The basket was being used for toys, but was a perfect container for all the little shoes we had around the house.  On the first shelf I have flashlights that we use when the power goes out and I left a few games and puzzles in the closet where they are within easy reach if the boys ask for them.


When I first started this project, I knew that I needed to declutter and get organized, but seeing the before and after pictures have made me realize just how bad things had gotten.  I had become so used to seeing things disorganized that I had become desensitized to it. 

As I've been decluttering, it hasn't always been easy to decide to give something away or put it in our yard sale pile, but I have felt so much freedom from cleaning up the clutter that it has been worth it. 

If you are thinking about decluttering, I highly recommend the book Organized SimplicityThe Kindle edition is available for FREE from Amazon {price subject to change at any time}.