Friday's Fabulous Frugal Finds: How To Download FREE eBooks From Amazon

I love books.  The feel of the pages in my hands and the sense of accomplishment as each page is turned and I get closer to the end.  So I'm not a big fan of these fancy new computer books.

I guess I'm just an old-fashioned kind of girl.

I will admit there are benefits to all this technology--It's not so easy to flip to the back and read the end first.  Yes, I'll admit I have done that.

Another benefit?  FREE books.  Yes, FREE.  And I'll put up with just about anything for free.  Since downloading Amazon's free Kindle app for PC, I've snagged several free books including Calm My Anxious Heart, Don't Make Me Come Up There, Craving God, Michal, The Simple Dollar, Amazing Cakes, and The Everything Potluck Cookbook. {Note: Amazon kindle prices can change at any time.  Only Amazing Cakes is still available for free.}

If you would also like to start getting FREE books without buying a Kindle, register or sign in to your Amazon account and choose which app you want to download.  You can choose from iPhone, Windows PC, Mac, iPad, iPod, Blackberry and more.

After you download the free app, you can search for free ebooks on Amazon by using Jungle Search and clicking on "Kindle Store" on the right sidebar.  You can also follow Vanessa's Values as I'll be sharing my favorite free ebooks throughout the new year.


Walking on Sunshine... said...

I'm not a big fan either of the new electronic books, but maybe for when we go on vacation. But we don't seem to do that too much lately with our girl in college now. I'm with you, I love the feel of having a book in my hands and even skipping to the back to see how things turn out! But I do love a good deal and these sound great! Enjoy your day!

Vanessa said...

There are some great free ebooks on Amazon and since I just recently got a laptop, I can now read my ebooks in a comfy chair instead of the computer chair which makes a big difference. :) Happy New Year!