Meet My New BFF!

Back in the day when I was a single, childless, twenty-something with a carefree, I've-got-my-whole-life-in-front-of-me attitude, I remember hearing moms share all kinds of horror stories about their children.  Like the stories about the mini-artists finding markers and creating wonderful artwork on the walls.  And I thought to myself,

"Why don't they just put the markers up where the kids can't get them?"  So simple.

That plan worked well for me until recently.  What I failed to consider is that my baby was now a much taller and stronger 5 year old who could effortlessly move a dining room chair and strategically place it right in front of the scissors, markers and odds-and-ends bucket.

What I saw next made my heart stop:

Permanent black marker on the off white trim.  Oh, yes.  As I sat down, counted to 100 and had a lecture discussion with my son about only writing on paper, visions of sanding, priming and painting were going through my head. 

And then I remembered the Mr. Clean coupon and headed to the store to find out if those Magic Erasers really are magic.

Here are the results:

Not a trace of black marker!  And just like that Mr. Clean became my new BFF.

Have you ever met Mr. Clean?