Price Matching at Walmart: "A Penny Saved Is A Penny Earned"

After reading about price matching at Walmart, I did a little research and decided to try it myself.  I was optimistic that this would be a great way to save a little extra money since I usually don't have the time to take advantage of the weekly deals at some of the other stores in our area.  In this post I've included the  guidelines for price matching, how I was able to save and my personal thoughts on my experience:

The Rules

Read and/or print Walmart's Price Matching Policy
  1. Walmart will price match a competitor's advertised sale price that requires a "preferred customer card."  {Rite Aid, CVS, Shaw's, etc.}
  2. Walmart will price match a competitor's in-ad coupon if the sale price is advertised on the coupon.  {This should not be confused with accepting competitor's coupons}
  3. Walmart does not price match "Buy One Get One Free" or "Buy One Get One 50%" off sales.
  4. Walmart does not price match percent off advertised sales.
  5. Walmart does not price match internet pricing
  6. Walmart does not price match outside of the store's local trade territory.

Helpful Hints
  • Take the competitor's sales ad with you--the cashier will want to check the dates of the sale to make sure the advertised sales are running on the day of your purchase. **Update--Walmart no longer requires that customers bring the ad, but I still recommend it in case there is a question.
  • Make sure the item that is being price matched is the same size and variety as the competitor's advertised sale. 
  • It is helpful to put all the items that are going to be price matched together at the front or back of your order and to have the ad ready to show the cashier.
  • As soon as the cashier comes to the item, tell them you want to price match and show them the ad at that time--the cashier has to change the price as he/she scans each item.
  • Paul from has a price matching video available with great tips and step-by-step instructions.

The Deals

I used the above ad from Save-a-Lot and got a good deal on Quaker Oatmeal:

Quaker Instant Oatmeal   Price: $2.88    Price Match: $1.99
  -$1.00 off 1 Quaker Instant Oatmeal from Feb. issue of All You magazine
Final Price: $.99

I used this Rite Aid ad to price match the Dawn dish soap:

Dawn Dish Soap 10.3 oz.    Price: $1.39      Price Match: $.97
  -$.50 off 1 any Dawn Dish Soap from P&G Everyday Savings Rebate Book
Final Price: $.47 

My Thoughts

During this experience I very quickly realized two things:
  1. My local Walmart does have some of the lowest prices in our area, and
  2. Walmart does not carry many of the sizes that the competitor's do.
Price matching at Walmart was a little disappointing.  I had quite a few items that I wanted to price match and couldn't wait to get some great deals, only to discover that they didn't carry the same size as the competitor's advertised sale.  I also noticed that many of the Walmart prices were the same if not better than the competitor's sale price!

On the other hand, I was happy with the deals that I got and even though it does take a little extra time and organization, it was a fairly simple and painless process.  Even though I was only able to save a small amount, I will continue to look for opportunities to price match since "A Penny Saved Is A Penny Earned."  :)

Have you ever tried price matching at Walmart or do you think you will try it?  Do you have any tips?


Heather McMillan said...

I do agree that price matching is hard, because their prices tend to be much lower normally than other stores. But my Wal-mart carries tons of sizes of stuff. So today I was able to save almost $15 just on price matching! I will forever bring current other company sales papers into Wal-Mart with me when I grocery shop now, because you just NEVER know. That's $15 I can now do something else with!

Vanessa said...

Wow! Great job, Heather. Since this post I did try price matching again and was pleased with how much I was able to save.