Organize Your Coupons: The File Folder Method

Not long after I started couponing, my kitchen table became lost in a sea of paper and I realized that I needed to have a plan to organize all those coupons!  There are many ways to organize coupons and it's important to find a style that works best for you {at the end of this post I have included some links to a few other coupon organizing ideas}.  I call this coupon organizing system the "file folder method" and this is what is working well for me right now:

I used some money that I received from a Single Check Rebate and invested in this file box from Walmart {price: a little under $8}.  My favorite thing about this file box is that the top opens and has sections where I can put paper clips, sticky notes, pens and's really like a desk/organizer all-in-one!

1.  Every Sunday, I look through the newspaper inserts and cut out all the coupons that I think I will use.  If I know where I can get the best deal for that item, I put the coupon right into the store envelope {one for each store}.  If I'm not sure where I am going to get the best deal, I put the coupon in the small accordian file {also from Walmart...this fits perfectly in a diaper bag or large purse!}.  The accordian file goes with me everywhere {you never know when you might find a great sale!}  Printable coupons also go in the store envelopes or in the accordian file.

2.  The coupons that I know for sure that I won't be using, I put in my library envelope and donate them to the coupon exchange at our local library.

3.  The rest of the coupons stay in the inserts.  I write the date on the front of each one, paper clip them together and file them in the file box by month.  I also keep rebate forms, coupon books and magazines in the front of the file box.

4.  If I need to find a coupon that is filed away, I use a coupon database from or  When I complete a search for a coupon, the database will tell me the date and insert type so that I can easily go to my files and find the coupon that I am looking for.

Here are a few coupon organizing ideas that you might be interested in:

Rachel from Goldfish OTT -- The Binder Method

Motherhood On A Dime -- Another Binder Method {with video}

Money Saving Mom -- Coupon Box Method

How do you organize your coupons?


Rachel said...

You know, we use different storage methods but our "systems" are pretty much the same. I also have store envelopes that help me stay (moderately) sane. I also use a small accordion file to separate coupon stacks by week (this week for RA< next week for RA, etc).

Vanessa said...


I noticed that we had similar systems as well. I hope you don't mind that I used a link to your post...I thought it was a great example of how to use a binder to keep inserts organized.

Rachel said...

Of course I don't mind! It was a treat to read your post and see the link :)

Vanessa said...

Oh, good! I was also wondering where you got that cute little coupon organizer? :)

Muni Raja said...

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