Meal Plan Monday - January 31

After realizing last fall how much food we were wasting, I made an effort to use up all our leftovers.   I am constantly looking for new and interesting recipes to use up leftover ingredients.  This week I can't wait to try this chicken recipe that I discovered at Family Friendly Frugality.  I was looking for recipes that included sour cream and red wine vinegar and when I discovered that this recipe had both, I knew I had to try it!  As an added bonus, I didn't need to buy anything extra for this dish as I already had all the items on hand!

Cold Cereal

Grilled Cheese w/Tomato Soup
English Muffin Pizzas
Mac & Cheese w/Veggies
Dinner Leftovers

Mon:  Skinless Chicken Thighs w/Red Wine Vinegar Sauce
Tues:  Mac & Cheese Soup
Wed:  Tuna Casserole
Thurs: Kielbasa Stir Fry
{We will be eating a lot of stir fry thanks to great deals on rice and soy sauce at Walmart.  I decided to use Kielbasa this time instead of chicken to change it up a bit.} 
Fri:     Hamburgers Under The Broiler
{I admit this is not quite the same as hamburgers on the grill, but when we have that craving for big, juicy burgers in the winter, this is second best. :) }
Sat:    Marinated Chicken
Sun:   Leftovers or Sandwiches

Homemade Bread Pudding {I found this recipe in the Better Homes and Gardens Cookbook.  It is super easy and melt-in-your mouth good!  As a small way to save money and reduce waste, I have started saving bread loaf ends and freezing them instead of throwing them away.  After letting them thaw, I dried them in the oven according to the recipe.}

$5 Dinners has a wonderful grocery shopping list with meal plan form and a few other printable planners that you might find helpful in meal planning {not to mention some great money-saving recipes!}.

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