Being Thankful = Big Savings

In July of this year, my husband and I made a commitment to find ways to spend less.  Since then I have learned a lot of things that have helped us lower our grocery and household expenses. 

In the past few months, I have learned that you can save by using samples, making things last longer, ignoring directions, shopping at the local bread outlet, bringing our own lunch, and even buying coupons on ebay.  But the biggest way that I have saved is by learning to be thankful.

Before we started trying to save money, I would rush out to the store whenever I thought we needed something.  I often felt stress just thinking about all the things that I thought we needed, but couldn't afford to buy.  Just a few weeks after we decided to cut back on expenses, I noticed that I was constantly asking myself, "do we really need that?", "can we get by without that?", or "do we have something else that we can use instead?" 

And then I started to think about all the people in this world that don't have even the simplest things that we consider necessary in order to survive.  How often do I take things for granted and am not thankful for what I have?  Why can't I sacrifice just a little in order to save money and stay debt free? 

Here is how we are saving by being thankful:
  • Now, instead of going into debt in order to replace my 11 year old vehicle that is losing it's paint and starting to rust, I am thankful that I have a vehicle that I can use while my husband is at work.

  • Instead of buying a new computer to replace our ancient, slower-than-cold-molasses computer that still has the old humungous screen that takes up almost the whole desk, I am thankful that I have a way to keep in touch with friends and family.

  • Instead of complaining about washing dishes by hand because our kitchen is too small for a dishwasher, I am thankful that I have a home that keeps me safe and warm.

  • Instead of worrying because my son doesn't have a pair of "church shoes", I am thankful that he has a perfectly nice pair of sneakers that fit him and doesn't have holes.

  • Instead of wishing that we could go out to Olive Garden tonight, I will make a simple meal at home and be thankful that we have food to eat.

  • Instead of complaining because it has been over 6 weeks since my last hair cut, I am thankful that I have hair {and that I don't have any grays--yet!}

I still struggle at times to be thankful, so I try to constantly remind myself of what I gain by being thankful.  Not only have I saved money, but perhaps the biggest blessing of having a thankful heart is being content with what you have.

Wishing you and your family a wonderful Thanksgiving with lots of joy, love, and laughter!


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