Follow the Directions...Or Not

I have often wondered if companies exaggerate.  Let's use laundry detergent as an example.  They put those handy measuring caps right on the bottle for us, but do we really need to use that much detergent to get the laundry clean?  And what about those very handy, extra large laundry sheets {the brand name shall remain nameless}.

My husband and I have made an extra effort to find ways to save money over the last couple of months and I have learned a very important lesson.  You don't have to follow the directions!  Now I know that in school we were taught to follow directions, but it's time to break free of those rules and start saving!  At my house we only use about 1/2 the recommended amount of laundry detergent and I have found a way to make the box of laundry sheets last for 120 loads!

You may be interested in reading Five Ways Companies Trick Us Into Buying New Stuff on  It will give you a few more ideas on how you can stop following the manufacturer's directions and save money!


Anonymous said...

Hello! Stopping by from Blog Frog to follow your blog. Looking forward to connecting with you and learning more about you!

Carrie A Groff

Neena said...

So true! Have you ever read the back of a shampoo bottle? Wash hair, rinse, REPEAT! Who does that?

Vanessa said...

LOL...I agree Neena. But since I have long hair I haven't been able to figure out yet how to use less than a "dime sized amount." :)