Saving With....Scissors?!?!

If you don't have a pair of scissors, make sure you get a pair....quick!  A pair of scissors is one of my secret tools to saving money.

Clip those coupons!  The most obvious way to save with scissors is to clip coupons. Don't just cut the coupons that you think you will use.  There have been many times that I didn't think I would use a certain coupon and then I found a sale at Rite Aid and after I matched my coupon with a Rite Aid coupon, I got something for almost nothing!

Cut up those dryer sheets!  Did you know that you really don't need a whole dryer sheet for one load of laundry? Cut them in half and make them last twice as long! Any kind of sheets can be cut.  I used to buy the Dove facial cleansing cloths and I noticed that a 1/2 sheet worked just as well as a whole sheet.  Note: You can also do this with the Purex 3 in 1 laundry sheets that are on sale at Rite Aid this week.  I got two boxes of 20 sheets for $1.99 and will cut each sheet into 1/3rds making a total of 120 loads {detergent and softener} for $1.99!

Cut some hair!  I will admit that this may take some lessons {search for "cutting hair" on youtube}.  I have cut the boys' hair since they were babies and have saved a lot of money this way.

There are many ways to save with a pair of scissors. Get creative! Think outside the box! What can you do with a pair of scissors?